Vaccination clinics set to mobilise for Spring booster programme

Vaccination clinics set to mobilise for Spring booster programme

The Government has announced that Covid booster vaccinations will be offered this Spring to those most as risk of serious illness from the virus.

This means that with just a couple of weeks’ notice GP services will need to mobilise a workforce to manage the programme to accommodate full and part-time staff as well as volunteers across multiple sites.

The challenge

Ensuring the smooth roll-out of the booster programme requires a rota that’s able to manage multiple worker types and various vaccination centres. Trying to organise this with an Excel spreadsheet just isn’t workable – manually calling and emailing round staff to fill shifts, all whilst trying to keep on top of compliance is a disaster waiting to happen.

The solution

Rotify is a proven solution for healthcare teams. We’ve supported Covid vaccination services throughout the UK since the height of the pandemic.

Rotify users love:

  • Quick set up (in just a few hours)
  • Build rotas in minutes and distribute them in seconds
  • Mobile clock-in ensures payroll is fed with accurate timesheet data
  • Skills and compliance monitoring with expiration notification
  • 14-day free trial (no credit card required)

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out why Kate at Newcastle GP Services said “Without Rotify we couldn’t have run the vaccination service in Newcastle, and it continues to be a core part of our service provision.”

Newcastle GP Services Case Study

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